Our Company was established to provide the highest quality construction at a fair price. Our project team has decades of experience that translates into beautiful finished projects. Every person on our team was chosen for their outstanding work, excellent communication skills, and being all around great people. We are very proud of our team and we think you will be too.

Exerpt from the La Morinda Sun:

"Have you been dreaming about remodeling a single room? Perhaps the whole house? Unlocking your home’s hidden potential is Kurt Stevenson’s specialty. Kurt created Stevenson Construction six years ago as the natural “Next Step” in a lifetime of construction/remodeling work. His love of building, architecture, and remodeling started early on with a childhood infatuation with “This Old House;” when he was old enough to swing a hammer, he tagged along at jobsites all through junior high; and when it came time to choose a college program, construction management was the only way to go. He acquired years of real world experience working for large, commercial and general engineering contractors as well as various sized residential remodelers before deciding that starting his own business would allow him to add a more personal touch to each and every project. Kurt’s love for homes (and their hidden potential) has kept his business booming. He and his wife grew up in the area and when it was time to settle down they couldn’t imagine any place better than Lafayette. Now, he and his team are busy specializing in residential construction and remodeling – single rooms, additions, outdoor projects, decks, or entire house projects. Unlocking your home’s potential is easy with Stevenson Construction."

How We Work

Pre Construction

In the pre-construction phase, we work with you to develop an operational agreement to provide a clear understanding of all the activities involved in the project. Together with you, we determine your requirements for the project and develop the plans accordingly. We also compile budgets at this early phase to insure that the project stays within its overall target budget. And we do all the work of bidding out the project with subcontractors and suppliers, as well as guiding the construction documents through the permit process. All this adds up to less headaches for you and more control over your project.


During construction, we deal with all the subcontractors for you: We track all the insurance and payments, we provide on-site management, and we monitor the schedule to keep all project activities on target. This provides for centralized accountability, yet includes open communication between all parties.


Our company carries on cost management efforts during the entire project, and as construction approaches project closeout, we review all inspection reports and verify that the subcontractors have completed their duties before sign-off. We then compile all the closing documentation to supply you with all the necessary warranties, manuals, and as-built plans.

Subcontractors vs In-House Labor

While we have the capability of completing almost every trade in-house including plumbing and electrical, we subcontract a large portion of our work using our rigorously selected subs. We use a large number of variables to decide what we will perform in-house vs. what we will have our subcontractors perform. These variables primarily consist of schedule, cost, any specialized knowledge needed/very involved projects, as well as any special desires from our clients.

We have several subcontractors for each trade. This allows us to get mulitple bids when we feel it is necessary, keep the project moving if certain subs are not available, and helps us put the best team together for each individual project. One of our long term goals is to give each reputable and recommended subcontractor in the area a chance to work with our team. This helps to encourage the ongoing development of the best and most competitive construction team for each project.

Community Service

As a local, family run business, we participate in as many clubs and charities as we can allocate time for. We realize what it means to shop local and give back to a tight knit community where everybody cares about the greater benefit for all. We donate as much time, money, and resources as we can. Our children are in the local schools. We work with many local businesses and organizations, trying to keep as many local resources retained in our community as possible. 


For Questions OR A Bid

PO Box 65, Lafayette, CA 94549